DRA Programs

Deadly Running Groups

Deadly Running Groups (DRGs) support grass-roots, local and community running by providing a qualified and supported Deadly Running Coach, IMP Graduate and leader to encourage and assist local Indigenous children, adults and elderly in communities to engage in a structured, monitored and managed quality running program that will increase their fitness, knowledge and running ability.

The groups are open to everyone to participate in, with a key focus on Indigenous participation.

Through the DRGs, participants will develop a belonging, personal achievement, self-esteem and confidence to enable them to improve many areas of their lives.

DRGs can also provide a pathway into creating a local Deadly Fun Run Series and potentially allow selected participants from the Series to represent at the National Deadly Fun Run Championships held annually at Uluru.

Deadly Running Events

Deadly Running events bring together the network of Deadly Fun Runs, the annual National Deadly Fun Run Championships, the WARRIOR Runs, and Running Festivals.

These events provide the regular goals and events for the Deadly Running Groups to aim for and track progress.

Deadly Coaches and Leaders

Deadly Coaches and Leaders program builds local capacity to take control of developing running and supporting the local community. It is partnered with:

• Athletics Australia to provide coaching training and accreditation
• Sports Medicine Australia to provide CPR, First Aid Training, assist with administration, finance, governance, marketing and management skills and training

All of these skills and qualification combine to equip the local leaders with the appropriate knowledge and confidence to provide quality programs to their communities.

IMF currently has minimal funding to support eight communities across Australia, focusing on Indigenous participation. However, any community is welcome to establish a self-funded DRA program and be eligible to self-fund an Indigenous team of runners to attend Uluru for the country’s only National Indigenous Deadly Running event.