About FrontRunners

IMF’s FrontRunners program provides the opportunity for IMP Graduates to access grants to establish running and fitness groups, establish their own business, and/or undertake personal, professional, and career development courses.

The QANTAS Foundation made a significant contribution to IMF in 2015 which allowed for the establishment of the IMF QANTAS FrontRunners grants.

Four pillars underpin the initiative, each managed by IMP Graduates, including:

• Leadership, Community Development – Charlie Maher and Ruth Wallace
• Health, Fitness and Wellbeing – John Leha and Evelyna Dharmarrandji
• Education, Employment and Building Careers – Bianca Graham and Nat Heath
• Cultural Awareness/Advisors Celebrations – Harold Matthew and Sarah Carmody

IMF is committed to providing ongoing opportunities to its Graduates to ensure they continue to achieve in a personal and professional sense.

We need your help to invest in our Graduates and help them reach their full potential and make themselves, their families and communities proud.

To find out more information about the FrontRunners initiative, please contact the program manager, Elsie Seriat on (02) 6162 4750 or elsie.s@imf.org.au