Grants & Scholarships

Applications and assessment process

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) Front Runners are young Indigenous men and women who have graduated from the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) by completing their IMP Education program and also completing their IMP international marathon.

In completing their IMP year they have demonstrated significant leadership, courage, determination, capacity and commitment, and have also been elevated in their families, friends and community, to a position of significance.

The next step, post IMP and post marathon, is to continue their journey and continue to have a significant impact on advancing Indigenous Australia.  This is where IMF FrontRunners QANTAS Grants come in.  Grants will endeavour to use running as a common thread, and address a number of significant issues.

FrontRunner QANTAS Grants will be awarded to IMP Graduates, following applications from the IMP Graduates, and based on our assessment of the individual’s capacity to drive positive change and effectively deliver the outcomes sought.

Comprehensive business analysis will be conducted by the Grant Manager (hopefully an IMP Graduate) and approval for grants will be done by the FrontRunner Grant Committee.

The Committee will be Chaired by an Independent person with considerable experience in this area.

Grants may address a number of issues and areas such as:

  • Chronic disease
  • Education
  • Employment and business
  • Mental health and self-harm
  • Incarceration and crime
  • Substance abuse
  • Violence and abuse

Grants may also be provided to events, programs and opportunities that showcase incredible Indigenous resilience and achievement, as a way to position Australian Indigenous Culture and heritage as a national treasure.

Current grant recipients include:

  • Korey Summers (2012 Graduate) Education – Naturopathy
  • Jack Wilson (2013 Graduate) Education – Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Jesse Thompson (2016 Graduate) Education – Physiotherapy
  • Wayne Sloane (2016 Graduate) – School Program