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The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) FrontRunners are young Indigenous men and women who have graduated from the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) by completing their IMP Education program and completing their IMP international marathon.

  • Mentoring
  • Resilience
  • Beyond the finish line
  • Empowerment

IMF is committed to providing ongoing opportunities to its Graduates to ensure they continue to achieve in a personal and professional sense.

In completing their IMP year, Graduates have demonstrated significant leadership, courage, determination, capacity, and commitment, and have also been elevated with their families, friends, and their community, to a position of significance.

Post IMP and post-marathon, Graduates continue their journey to have a significant impact on advancing Indigenous Australia. This is where IMF FrontRunners QANTAS Grants come in. Grants will endeavour to use running as a common thread and with the aim of addressing significant issues affecting Indigenous Australians.

IMF’s FrontRunners program provides the opportunity for IMP Graduates to access grants to establish running and fitness groups, establish their own business, and/or undertake personal, professional, and career development courses.

Grants & Scholarships

FrontRunners QANTAS Grants will be awarded to IMP Graduates, following an assessment of their Expression of Interest and application. An assessment of the individual’s capacity to drive positive change and effectively deliver the outcomes sought.

Grants may also be provided to events, programs and opportunities that showcase incredible resilience and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture, and heritage as a national treasure.

Grants may address issues and areas such as:

• Chronic disease
• Education
• Employment and business
• Mental health and self-harm
• Incarceration and crime
• Substance abuse
• Violence and abuse


QANTAS Contribution

The QANTAS Foundation made a significant contribution to IMF in 2015 which allowed for the establishment of the IMF QANTAS FrontRunners grants.

Graduates can apply for a grant or a scholarship to improve their skills and/or support their community. Grant or scholarships are assessed by the following categories:

  • Leadership, Community Development
  • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Education, Employment and Building Careers
  • Cultural Awareness/Advisors Celebrations

IMF is committed to providing ongoing opportunities to its Graduates to ensure they continue to achieve in a personal and professional sense.


There are a number of ways your organisation can contribute to this long-term initiative, including providing financial support, employment pathways and opportunities or offering to mentor a Graduate.

IMF can discuss mutually beneficial arrangements with organisations interested in supporting our FrontRunners initiative.

Through your support, our Graduates will have the opportunity to further their education, establish their own business, or learn on-the-job training in an area of their passion to learn more about their career of interest.

FrontRunners is a vital program empowering IMP Graduates to take on further challenges applying the skills and knowledge they learned during their IMP experience.

To find out more information about the FrontRunners initiative, please contact the office on (02) 6162 4750.