Fundraising support

Social Ventures Australia Summary Report

A recent report by Social Ventures Australia measures conclusively the long-term, transformative effect of the Indigenous Marathon Project, not only for graduates but also for family members, community members and whole communities who then make long-term behavioural changes. In monetary terms, it found that for every $1 of investment in the IMP, a $6.6 return was made. You can read the summary here:

Social Ventures Australia Summary Report

Please contact the IMF head office for the full SVA report.

Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities

The IMF is heavily funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health – without this ongoing support, the Foundation will cease to exist.

It is our long-term goal to establish a $20 million endowment fund to ensure the Foundation’s long-term self-sustainability.

We need your help to achieve this goal.

IMF has a range of multi-year Foundation Partner and sponsorship opportunities available with benefits commensurate with investment. Some benefits may include (but not limited to):

• acknowledgement of sponsorship through IMF networks
• exclusive invitations to VIP events including IMP camps
• cultural immersion experience visiting the community of an IMP Graduate
• trained and mentored by an IMP Graduate for a marathon; to name a few

There are a number of alternative ways you can contribute to the Foundation (click on the links for more information):

speaker scholarship
attend or sponsor the annual IMF Father’s Day WARRIOR Run
• host an event
• make a one-off donation
• join our 42 Club regular donor program
• select IMF as your charity of choice in an upcoming running event, triathlon, or any other challenge
• purchase some of the exclusive IMF designed merchandise, not available in stores

For more information about sponsorship and fundraising, please contact IMF Fundraising Manager Elna Jennings on (02) 6162 4750 or