About I-CAN

Indigenous Communities for Activity and Nutrition (I-CAN) is an IMF program conducted over an eight week period during school term.

I-CAN encourages school attendance and addresses childhood obesity and inactivity through regular educational games and activities focused on learning about healthy eating and the importance of regular physical activity.

Running tracks and fitness equipment is installed in primary schools or in Indigenous community parks for the children to put their learning into practice.

The program provides community ownership of the equipment and between 2015 – 2016 we witnessed
two major improvements:

• Expansion of the program into three additional communities – Galiwin’ku, Timber Creek and
Bulla, all located in the Northern Territory
• Improvement rates in health assessments at Bulla School (69%) and Timber Creek School (73%)

The I-CAN database includes health assessments of 36,000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous primary
school aged students, from 443 schools, across Australia. The assessments focus on:

• Strength endurance (sit-ups)
• Muscular strength (hand grip strength)
• Flexibility (sit and reach)
• Body composition (weight, height, BMI)
• Power and coordination (standing long-jump)
• Cardio-vascular fitness (beep test)