I-CAN Fitness and Running Tracks

Keeping kids active

The first I-CAN fitness and running track was installed in the remote Northern Territory community of Amoonguna, in 2013.

The fitness and running tracks are 300-400m in distance and include fun activity stations located around the track to help children improve their physical fitness which is then tested within I-CAN’s Health Assessments.

Some of the fun activity stations include:

  • Hurdles
  • Commando wall
  • Fireman pole/wall
  • Rock wall
  • Chin-up bars
  • Running roller
  • Balance beams
  • Steppers
  • Parallel bars
  • Chain and net wall

The tracks are installed on school grounds or within community to offer community-ownership of the tracks.

A sign is installed at each track illustrating the layout and activity at each station. On the reverse side of the sign is a whiteboard so students can record their time.

Since 2013, the programs have expanded to include other Northern Territory communities such as Timber Creek, Bulla, Galiwin’ku, Canteen Creek, and Hermannsburg.

IMF is committed to establishing I-CAN tracks in Indigenous communities around the country to encourage primary school aged children to engage in physical activity and reap the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

“The I-CAN program is something that I was very excited to take on and adapt to my setting. From my first sit-down with I-CAN project officer, Amanda Dent, I could immediately see that this program was going to be a winner.

It wasn’t until I started running it that I saw how good this program actually is.

As I said, I slightly adapted the program to suit my context. With the help of my Team Teacher, Johnny Minyarama, we were able to adapt concepts to suit Yol\u Culture, as well as translate some specific concepts into Dj^mbarrpuy\u, the teaching language of the school.

Overall, this program has been incredibly fun, motivating and engaging for students. Students become incredibly excited when they remember that we are running the I-CAN Program for the HPE lesson.”

- Metui Tongatua, Shepherdson College PE Teacher