IMP Graduate involvement

IMP Grads get involved

IMP Graduates apply their Certificate III in Fitness and run coaching qualifications/accreditation and high profile within their local community to assist with track and equipment installation, and often
delivering and being involved in the eight week program.

These inspirational Graduates are local heroes and they develop positive and significant relationships with the students. Their regular involvement with I-CAN attracts and encourages the children to attend school and act as great, relevant and positive role models.

Graduate involvement includes:
• Evelyna Dhamarrandji (2013) – Shepherdson College, Galiwin’ku – employed to help with the
on-ground track design, construction, community liaison and complete health assessments. Rachel Baker (2014) was also employed to assist with the health assessments in week one of the program

• Dwayne Jones (2015) – Timber Creek and Bulla Schools (NT) – employed to conduct the full program at both schools