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IMF RAW is a grass roots, community led impact program.  

Established in 2011 by the IMF as the Deadly Fun Runs and driven by IMP Graduates and Community Members, IMF RAW addresses chronic disease by normalising Running & Walking within Indigenous Communities and provides a free, inclusive and safe environment for individuals to flourish and feel supported in. 

IMF RAW is currently operational in 40+ Communities across Australia.  

There are over 60 IMF RAW Leaders across these communities. IMF RAW Leaders are accredited Running Coaches and local leaders within their community. They provide their groups with leadership in running and walking training, nutritional advice and social support.  

Each year, the IMF coordinates the IMF RAW National Championships Event. This event is the ‘Flag on the hill for the IMF RAW network and each year sees 200+ community members come together in a celebration health, fitness, wellbeing and culture. 

In collaboration with the IMF, there are regular national events that are celebrated right across the IMF RAW network including International Women’s Day, NAIDOC Week & Fathers Day. Events are conducted in a satellite style however with an understanding that these events are connected across the network.    

IMF also coordinates an annual IMF RAW Leaders symposium where selected Run Leaders from each community are brought together to share their learnings, exchange information, discuss best practice group management and of course… participate in a major running event! Together with the IMF, these RAW Leaders drive the outputs of the IMF RAW program and shape its very existence. 

IMF is limited in funding to specific service areas to support this growing network of Communities and Individuals. It is incredible to see the speed at which communities are embracing the IMF RAW model and there are constantly new IMF RAW groups emerging who attempt to self-fund to become part of this movement. We would value your support in ensuring all of our existing communities remain supported and that emerging communities can be on-boarded in a sustainable and meaningful manner.  

Click on IMF I-RAW Programs to find out more about these initiatives, or contact via or phone (02) 6162 4750. 

Important Information

IMF currently has minimal funding to support eight communities across Australia, focusing on Indigenous participation; however any community is welcome to establish a self-funded IMF RAW program, and also be eligible to self-fund an Indigenous team of runners to attend Uluru and join us in the only National Indigenous Running and Walking event.

Click on IMF I-RAW Programs to find out more about these initiatives, or contact our head office – or (02) 6162 4750.

IMF RAW Groups

IMF RAW Groups support grass-roots, local and community led running and walking by providing a qualified and supported IMF RAW Coach, IMP Graduate and leader to encourage and assist local Indigenous children, adults and elderly in communities to engage in a structured, monitored and managed quality running or walking program that will increase their fitness, knowledge and physical ability. The groups are open to everyone to participate in, with a key focus on Indigenous participation. 

IMF RAW Events

IMF RAW events bring together the network of IMF RAW Fun Runs, the annual IMF RAW National Championships and other previously outlined running and walking events and festivals.  

These events provide regular goals and events for the IMF RAW Groups to aim for and track their progress against.  

IMF RAW Coaches & Leaders

IMF RAW Leaders are individuals within their communities who have put their hand up to establish and/or lead their IMF RAW groups. IMF builds local capacity across its IMF RAW programs by empowering its RAW leaders through education and allowing each RAW leader to take control of developing running and walking programs to support their local community. Empowerment in Education is driven through strategic alignments with: 

  •  Athletics Australiato provide Level 1 / Level 2 Run coaching training and accreditation
  • Sports Medicine Australia – to provide CPR, First Aid Training 

IMF also coordinates an annual IMF RAW Leader Summit where it works with all IMF RAW Leaders to refine best practice Group Governance guidelines. IMF also provides refresher courses on Coaching and Injury prevention along with more targeted sessions on community fundraising & best practice financial management.  

All of these skills and qualifications combine to equip the local leaders with the appropriate knowledge and confidence to provide quality programs to their communities. 


The IMF RAW was established in 2011 when the first Indigenous Fun Run Series were launched in Weipa/Napranum (QLD) and Mossman (QLD). Both of these series were coordinated by IMF Graduates. These Fun Runs were initially part of the Practical Elements of a Certificate IV that Indigenous Marathon Project Squad members were tasked with coordinating however, these quickly turned into regular events with IMF RAW Groups beginning to establish themselves in line with this activity.  

As the series evolved, IMF was able to obtain funding from the Federal Government to establish the first ever all Indigenous Running Festival at Uluru in 2012, which at the time was called the National Deadly Fun Run Championships (now the IMF RAW National Championships).   

Across the course of the year, individuals from IMF RAW Groups are selected to represent their community at the Championships. Selection is based off consistency and improvement and not off running or walking talent itself.   

The Championships are generally held in June each year and include a 3km race for the juniors and 5km race for seniors. After these races, participants travel out to an iconic Indigenous landmark – Uluru – for a 12km relay run around the base of the rock with their fellow community representatives. Each community is invited to bring a message stick of significance to present to the Traditional Owners and Eldersfrom the Mutitjulu community – who live at the base of Uluru. 

The event continues to grow each year and sees over 200 participants represent as part of the festivities. There are also volunteers and community chaperones from approximately 20 Indigenous communities nation-wide. 

IMF is limited in the number of communities it can support to attend this event and with your support, can ensure that this event continues to grow into the future.  

QLD & VIC RAW Groups

Abergowrie QLD

Aurukun QLD

Bamaga QLD

Bramble Bay QLD

Cairns QLD

Cherbourg QLD

Doomadgee QLD

Mareeba QLD

Mitchellton QLD

Mornington Island QLD

Pormpuraaw QLD

Thursday Island QLD

Toowoomba QLD

Townsville QLD

Yarrabah QLD

Heywood VIC

Thomastown VIC

ACT & NSW RAW Groups

Canberra ACT

Blacktown NSW

Bourke NSW

Brewarrina NSW

Maroubra NSW

Northern Rivers NSW

Port Macquarie NSW

Wollongong NSW

NT, SA & WA RAW Groups

Alice Springs NT

Darwin NT

Galliwinku NT

Gapuwaik NT

Groote Eylandt NT

Kakadu NT

Ntaria NT

Amata SA

Mimili SA

Murraylands SA

Semaphore SA

Albany WA

Broome WA

Karratha WA

Perth WA


of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians on whose land we live, work, run and play and we respect their Elders, culture, lore and values. We value Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Island culture as a national treasure, and embrace it as a vital and rich part of the
Australian identity.