IMF Running and Walking (IMF RAW) has grown from the successful IMF RAW Fun Run series (IMF-RAWFRS) and the voluntary work that IMP Graduates are contributing to their communities, to pass forward the positive mental, emotional and physical benefits that IMP experience has provided to them.

The IMF RAW Program aims to address chronic disease by increasing levels of physical activity, improve school attendance and academic performance, improve mental health and wellbeing by regular physical activity and setting, striving for and achieving goals, and create and support education, qualifications and employment at the local, regional and national level.

Under the guidance of the IMF, IMF RAW programs is set-up and run by the communities with the support of local organisations such as schools, health and sporting groups. These groups will work with IMF staff and past/present IMP squad members in delivering activities in community which will contribute to whole of community participation.

The core elements of IMF RAW are Running and Walking Events, IMF RAW Groups and IMF RAW Coaches and Leaders.

IMF currently has minimal funding to support eight communities across Australia, focusing on Indigenous participation; however any community is welcome to establish a self-funded IMF RAW program, and also be eligible to self-fund an Indigenous team of runners to attend Uluru and join us in the only National Indigenous Running and Walking event.

Click on IMF RAW Programs to find out more about these initiatives, or contact IMF RAW Manager James Kaan – James.K@imf.org.au or (02) 6162 4750.