21 years old from Orange, NSW Nathan started running at the age of six, and has a passion for middle distance running. He has a personal best time of 15.51 over 5000m. He hopes to one day make it to the Olympics. Nathan was part of the Jumpstart Program, which is aimed at finding Indigenous athletes to represent Australia at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Nathan finished the 2011 New York Marathon in 4 hours 19 minutes. He now lives in Canberra, where he splits his time between University and running.


31 years old from Mt Gravatt, QLD Bridgette has always been a keen sportswoman, and is actively involved in many sporting groups and organisations in her home town of Mt Gravatt, just outside Brisbane. While at University in Brisbane, she chaired the Barunga Centre Indigenous student committee. She currently works at Griffith University in the Indigenous Centre, and acts as a liaison between students and Indigenous elders. She is passionate about creating meaningful pathways for Indigenous students. When Bridgette first heard about the Project in 2010, she immediately wanted to be a part of it, and was ecstatic when she heard that the 2011 team would include women. She was one of the first ever Indigenous women to cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, finishing in a time of 4 hours 1 minute. Bridgette believes that life goes by so quickly that you must take every opportunity that comes your way. She is motivated by her Indigenous heritage, and tries to put back into the community wherever possible. Following the New York Marathon, she has continued with her running, and enjoys taking part in fun runs.


19 years old, from Charleville, QLD Michael has been a talented runner throughout his life, and made the state team for 3000m. He also has a passion for rugby league and touch football, two sports that he excels at. Michael loves to run and push himself in every opportunity he is given, as he feels as though he was given a second chance after suffering a chronic illness in 2010. Michael was the second IMP athlete to cross the finish line of the 2011 New York Marathon in a time of 3 hours 33 minutes. He continues to build on his running, and hopes to train for another marathon in the future.


21 years old from Palm Island, QLD Kelsey wanted to be involved in the Project to encourage people in her community of Palm Island to live a healthy and active life and to make family proud. Kelsey is an outstanding individual, and has taken part in a number of Indigenous leadership programs across the country. She has helped run sporting programs as part of the Cathy Freeman Foundation and is focussed on getting young people into healthy lifestyles by promoting sport within her community. Kelsey has recently become a mother to a young baby.


24 years old from Cairns, QLD Nadine joined the Project in 2011 as she wanted to set a good example to the people in her community, and to make her family proud. She played an integral role in setting up the Deadly Fun Run Series in a number of Far North Queensland communities. Nadine was the first Torres Strait Islander to be involved with the Project, and the first Indigenous women ever to cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, finishing with Bianca Graham in a time of 3 hours 40 minutes. Following New York, Nadine relocated from Cairns to Canberra, and now works for IMP organising the Deadly Fun Run Series and delivering the Certificate IV in Health and Leisure to current Project members. Nadine has continued to improve and build on her running following her involvement with the Project, and is currently training for the Frankfurt Marathon in Germany later this year, where she hopes to beat her time from New York.


30 years old from Weipa, QLD Bianca decided to try out for the Project because she wanted to represent her local area and show others what they needed to do to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. She grew up in Weipa, and went to boarding school in Townsville, where she developed a love for running. She studied Business Marketing at Brisbane University, and now works as a Communications Officer at Rio Tinto in Weipa. Bianca is passionate about health and fitness, and with Nadine Hunt, became the first ever Indigenous woman to cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, in a time of 3 hours 40 minutes. Following the New York Marathon, Bianca continued to build on her running training, and ran a personal best time of 91 minutes in the 2012 Gold Coast half-marathon. She is now training for the 2013 Frankfurt Marathon in Germany in October, where she hopes to run a personal best time.


21 years old from Yirrkala, East Arnhem Land Jamie was the first IMP athlete selected from Yirrkala, and has helped build a strong link between IMP and the small community. He works in the local art gallery in Yirrkala playing the didgeridoo. Jamie ran the 2012 Boston Marathon alongside fellow IMP squad member Tegan Pigram, finishing the gruelling course, in record heat, in a time of 6 hours 7 minutes. After returning from Boston, Jamie travelled to Seattle to promote the Yirrkala Art Gallery. Jamie is continuing to build on his running, and hopes to become a strong 800 meter runner in the future.


30 years old from Yirrkala, East Arnhem Land Arian grew up in Yirrkala and attended boarding school in Darwin. At school, he was trained by Cathy Freeman, and represented the Northern Territory for touch football six years in a row. He first heard about IMP in 2010 and wanted to be involved to make his community proud. Arian is a teacher’s assistant in Yirrkala. His family runs a cultural experience business called Bawaka. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and swimming. Arian finished the 2011 New York Marathon in a time of 3 hours 54 minutes. Since New York, he has been integral in helping set up the Deadly Fun Run Series in Yirrkala. He travelled to the inaugural Deadly Fun Run Championships in Uluru in 2012 with the small team from Yirrkala. Arian is part of band that is played regularly in mainstream radio. He is also the Surf Lifesaving President in Yirrkala and has his Bronze Medallion.


25 years old from Barunga Community, Katherine Peter worlds as a Sport and Recreation Officer in the small community of Barunga, which is situated 100km from Katherine in the Northern Territory. Peter’s running improved significantly during his involvement in the Project. He also enjoys playing Australian Rules football, and has represented the Northern Territory in rugby. Peter wanted to join the Project to be an ambassador for his people and community, and to stand up and be proud of what he has achieved.


19 years old from Maningrida, East Arnhem Land Beth was the second IMP athlete to be selected from Maningrida, following the success of Juan Darwin in the New York Marathon as part of IMP in 2010. Beth is a talented basketball player, and after being selected into the Project, started running in Maningrida with her mentor Gerry to improve her fitness and promote the sport in the community. Maningrida is not accessible by road during the wet season, and local runners have to contend with wild dogs in the community, so must travel out of the community to train. Beth wanted to be part of the Project to push her limits and encourage other young people and adults in the community to strive to be different.


21 years old from Alice Springs Reggie is part of the Clonfarf Academy and is a talented AFL played. He hopes to make the Northern Territory Thunder team in the future, and recently moved back from Victoria, where he was pursuing his football career. Reggie finished the 2011 New York Marathon in a time of 4 hours 3 minutes. Since being part of the Project, Reggie has continued to strengthen IMP’s link with Alice Springs, and has been involved in facilitating an Indigenous health program in Amoonguna, a small community outside of Alice Springs.


20 years old from Perth, Western Australia Tahli is a passionate and talented basketball played, and has been playing competitively for ten years. She competed in long distance running throughout her childhood, and has represented Western Australia. Tahli wanted to be part of the Project as she was motivated by her mum who works in child protection. She was also motivated by the opportunity to visit New York and run the biggest marathon in the world.


20 years old from York, Western Australia Derek has always been very fit, and focussed on living a healthy lifestyle. He is a passionate AFL player, and participated in athletics and cross country running throughout school. Derek wanted to be part of the Project to inspire his young cousin, who was in a Perth youth detention centre at the time of his selected into IMP. He wanted to use his involvement in IMP as a way of showing others that through running, you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and that it is important to be fit and healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.


27 years old from Derby, Western Australia Tegan has always been fit and focussed on being healthy. Before joining the Project, she ran several times a week, and believed that she had what it took to complete a marathon. Tegan sustained an injury prior to the 30km time trial, which is used as a final selection for the New York Marathon team, so was unable to travel to New York. Tegan continued training for a marathon once she recovered from her injury, and ran the 2012 Boston Marathon, alongside teammate Jamie Wunungmurra, in a time of 5 hours 17 minutes. Tegan is extremely goal oriented, and enjoys being faced with different challenges, which was a catalyst for her marathon training. Tegan works for Fortescue Metals in Perth, and has continued to build on her running following the Boston Marathon.


21 years old from Perth, Western Australia Sam was extremely active throughout high school, and participated in a number of sports including basketball, touch football, swimming and athletics. She continues to play Australian Rules football, which helps to keep her fit. Sam decided to try out for the Project because she wanted something to challenger herself, and believed that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she should make the most of. Sam was one of the first Indigenous women to ever cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, finishing in a time of 4 hours 13 minutes. Sam is studying Environmental Engineering at University in Perth, and has been integral in helping to maintain the IMP link with Western Australia.


19 years old from Sunbury, Victoria Caine is a talented athlete, and an up and coming 10,000 metre runner. He has represented Victoria in cross country and enjoys playing Australian Rules football. Caine wanted to be involved in the Project in memory of his father, who passed away when he was young. Caine likes to prove people wrong when they question his ability. This has motivated him throughout his life, and helped him to run faster and train harder. Caine ran a gutsy race to finish the 2012 New York Marathon in a time of 3 hours 54 minutes. Caine hopes that the Certificate III he studied with in the Project will help him to obtain employment within the sport and recreation industry when. He is also studying at Sports Education and Development Australia (SEDA).


19 years old from Kanmantoo, South Australia Kiwa is a passionate AFL player, but gave up football to focus on his running once selected as a member of the Project in 2011. He wanted to make the most of the opportunity that he had been given and show people that he can dig in and work hard when given the chance. Kiwa finished the 2011 New York Marathon in 4 hours 3 minutes, and has continued to build on his running following this involvement in the Project.


26 years old from Hove, South Australia Patrick played AFL from a young age, and was the captain of his team for a number of years. He was also a keen athlete growing up, excelling at 800 metre and 1500 metre events. Patrick decided to try out for the Project because he wanted to have the opportunity to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to those close to him. Patrick was the fastest IMP athlete to finish the 2011 New York Marathon, finishing in a time of 3 hours 19 minutes. That also gave him the title of IMP record holder