Eileen is a Bundjalung/Wakka Wakka woman and mother of four who wants to inspire other mothers in her community. She wants to create an active community to combat the high incidence of obesity and hopes to help educate people in her community about how to live fitter and healthier lives. Eileen is an incredibly strong, resilient and determined woman who is determined to be the change she wants to see in the community. Eileen would also like to establish a local walking/running group and encourage members of the community to get involved.


Alicia_2Alicia is a member of the Thursday Island Deadly Runners and is very passionate about continuing on the healthy and active lifestyle movement that has taken the Island by storm since Elsie Seriat and Harold Matthew’s involvement with IMP in 2014. Alicia represented Thursday Island at the National Deadly Fun Run Championships at Uluru last year and also has a sporting background in touch football and basketball. She is very motivated and wants to create an active environment for parents to raise their children. Alicia was inspired to apply for IMP after witnessing the incredible transformation that has taken place on TI after the overwhelming response to Elsie and Harold’s success. Alicia holds a Diploma in Business Management and currently works as a Senior Admin Officer at the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.


A Wakka Wakka woman, Jaeme grew up in the Central West NSW town of Cowra and has only just recently relocated to Bathurst to continue her studies in Sports Science. Jaeme identified the ease at which young people succumb to bad habits and wants to drive change and show them alternative pathways to live a happy, healthy and active life. She wants to encourage Indigenous to venture beyond their comfort zone to achieve goals they never thought possible and she is willing to lead by example through her selection in IMP. Jaeme has extensive experience working with people in her community, having previously worked as an Indigenous Support Worker through the local community centre. She is committed to balancing her university studies with her IMP training and when she’s not training or studying, Jaeme enjoys singing and playing the guitar.


Jacinta is a Yolngu woman from Galiwinku and a member of the Raptja Running Club, established by 2014 IMP graduate, Rachel Baker. Jacinta believes the young people in the Galiwinku need people to inspire them and she is dedicated to continuing to contribute to the Galiwinku community, following on from the significant change instigated by 2013 IMP graduate Evelyna Dhamarrandji and Rachel Baker, from Galiwinku. The inaugural Alpa Cool Ridge Galiwinku Fun Run was held in 2014 that attracted approximately 1000 people to Galiwinku from neighbouring communities, from children to adults, and it was Jacinta’s grandfather who performed the ceremonial dance prior to the event. Jacinta has a background in running and AFL and is employed by East Arnhem Shire Council as part of the local Sport and Recreation Department.


Harriet is a Torres Strait Island woman from Yam Island who has participated in the Deadly Fun Run Series for the past three years. Harriet’s motivation is to be an inspirational role model to her two children and to other Indigenous mothers, and to highlight her resilience and ability to overcome extreme adversity. She wants to show people that no matter what your situation, if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything. Harriet is a very determined and strong young woman who’s hobbies include photography, running and spending time with her children.


Jessica is a Gunditjmara/Wemba Wemba woman who lives in Victoria and works part-time in payroll for Aboriginal Housing Victoria. Jessica is another strong advocate in the war against alcohol and drug abuse after seeing its devastating effects to people in her community. She believes that through the opportunity provided by IMP, combined with her drive and vision, she can set an example for young people and show them a different pathway that will inspire them to adopt more healthy habits and lifestyles. Jessica said it’s also important to demonstrate that running isn’t about winning, but it’s about having a go and challenging yourself.


Aaron is another Wakka Wakka man in this year’s squad and has lived in Queanbeyan for the past 12 years.  He is a member of the Queanbeyan Deadly Runners Group which was established by 2013 IMP graduate, Georgia Gleeson. The 29 year old is a father to a six year old son and will soon have another pitter-patter of little feet when he becomes a dad again in July! Aaron is passionate about becoming a role model and inspiring the youth in Queanbeyan and help to educate the youth by addressing, and reducing, the incidence of drugs and alcohol prevalent in today’s society. He has seen the positive impact that IMP graduate, Georgia Gleeson, has had on the community and wants to contribute to increasing the awareness about the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle.


Dwayne is a Ngarurruli/Billanara man from the Myatt Community, determined to encourage his community to make better lifestyle choices. Dwayne possesses considerable leadership qualities. He completed a Youth Leadership program in Brisbane in 2009, and was a member of the 2012 National Indigenous Youth Parliament in which he addressed the Prime Minister on behalf of the group. Since 2010, Dwayne has assisted in the coordination of local sporting events and sporting teams Dwayne is a keen hunter and has played football and cricket.


Representing Murray Bridge is Daniel Lloyd, who has inspired his family and friends to take up running after he completed his first 10km and half marathon events in 2014. Initially missing out on a spot in a past IMP squad, Daniel persevered and stayed committed to his goal, which paid off when he was selected in the 2015 squad. He has also been responsible for assisting in the delivery of a Deadly Fun Run Series in the Murray Bridge community, which in early 2015, attracted more participants than the local parkrun! Daniel is passionate about physical activity, particularly for disabled members in his community.  When he’s not helping people in his community, he enjoys fishing and 4WD’ing.


Chris is a Yolngu man who represented Gapuwiyak at IMP’s 2014 National Deadly Fun Run Championships at Uluru.

He is highly regarded by his community and is very active in assisting the Sport and Recreation staff deliver programs for the local children.

Chris believes that through the opportunity of representing IMP and his community, he can be a positive role model and demonstrate the benefits of what can be achieved through adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. He is passionate about engaging his community in physical activity and is excited about leading by example and showing the people of Gapuwiyak how powerful running can be.


John is a 29 year old man from the Aboriginal Wakka Wakka tribe and currently lives in Marrickville, Sydney. He is determined to be a leader in his community to inspire change to address issues of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and increase physical activity, promote the benefits of living a healthy and positive lifestyle. John has a strong background in Indigenous leadership and currently works full time at the Department of Social Services.