Scott is a 30 year Nimanburr and Yawuru man from the Kimberley’s living in Broome who works at the Kimberley Land Council as a field officer. He was inspired by taking on the challenge after seeing Adrian Dodson-Shaw’s journey in 2014 followed by Megan Highfold in 2016. His cousin tried out in 2016 and Scott came along to support her. He promised if she tried out that he would do the same in 2107. Scott built up the courage to try out because he wanted to change his life and become a positive role model for his three sons being a single father. Scott has battles with depression and mental health issues along with physical health and wel-lbeing. He is passionate about these issue because he has dealt first hand with them, so through his IMP journey he wants to become an advocate. He is also grateful for being able to have the opportunity to keep the IMP ripple effect in the Kimberley’s


Allirra is 24 year old from the Balladong tribe (Noongar Nation) and Gija (Halls Creek, Kimberley’s) who is living in Perth. Indigenous Communities, Education, and Awareness (ICEA) Foundation is a youth-led not-for-profit that strives to achieve national reconciliation through mutual respect for all Australians. Built on the three-pillar philosophy of providing positive experiences, facilitating genuine relationships and fostering greater cross-cultural understanding, ICEA’s programs and events empower youth to become reconciliation ambassadors in their local community, driving reconciliation into the future. Allirra was inspired by friend and IMP Graduate #59, Kimberley Benjamin. Allirra wanted to prove to herself that she could take up the same challenge and complete a full marathon, and also represent her family, community and people. She is determined to lead and be the example for young people to make them realise that they can reach and achieve their goals if they put their mind to it, as we know it takes courage to put you hand up and have a go at something.


Natasha is a 29 year old Worimi woman from Karratha in Western Australia. She was a full-time child care educator for many years who wants to inspire children and encourage them to follow their dreams, now recently started working as an Aboriginal Islander Liaison Officer. Natasha is motivated to use her IMP experience to help address issues associated with mental illness and demonstrate how leading a healthy lifestyle can help provide positive health benefits.


Luke is an Australian an army veteran, having served as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army for four years. He has experienced first-hand the effects of mental health and depression following the loss of many fellow army-men. Luke is a proud Noongar man from South Perth who is passionate about promoting the positive mental and physical benefits of physical activity and wants to help people suffering mental health issues. Fitness has been a constant in Luke’s life, regularly attending the gym, running up to three times per week and paying AFL as well as water polo. Luke recently ran his first half marathon and is looking forward to the challenge of a marathon and potentially breaking into the triathlon scene in the future.


Roy is a 30 year old Eastern Arrernte man from Alice Springs who works for Ingkerreke Commercial and where he is also captain of his local AFL Football club. Roy has followed the IMP journey since the start in 2010 being inspired by Graduates Charlie, Caleb and Reggie who he played local AFL footy with. He was also inspired by fellow local and 2014 IMP Graduate, Sarah Carmody. He decided to have a go because he realised this was his last chance to be part of the IMP and wanted to challenge himself to follow in the footsteps of his fellow Alice Springs Graduates. Roy is a non-drinker/non-smoker/gambler and he knows that there is a lot of anti-social behaviour especially amongst the youth in Alice Springs and he wants to be the change he sees in his community.


Tara is a 30 year old Southern Arrernte/Luritja Aboriginal woman from Alice Springs and is keen to continue the influence and inspiration of IMP Graduates. Tara is the eldest of about 40 cousins and she is determined to be a role model to her cousins and siblings, and encourage them to pursue healthier lifestyles. She is also a single mum to a six year old boy and would like to demonstrate to him that anything is possible – she will set the bar high and hope he exceeds her achievements in his lifetime! Tara is highly motivated and particularly interested in nutrition and the effects of sugar consumption on Aboriginal children and families. She wants to see the introduction of more traditional Indigenous food into the diets of her people and endorsing bush foods as a healthy alternative to high fat/high sugar diets. Tara’s inclusion in the squad will strengthen the IMP’s connection in Central Australia with 2014 IMP Graduate, Sarah Carmody, having a significant impact in Alice Springs.


Maletta is a 26 year old Wagadagam/Kaurareg descendent from the Torres Straight living on Thursday Island. Maletta was inspired by her sister, Elsie, and Harold Mathew both 2014 Graduates, followed by Alicia Sabatino 2015 IMP Graduate and Saliman Bin Juda in 2016. Maletta is a single mum of two girls who has been inspired since witnessing her first sister Elsie and the impact she has made on Thursday Island, along with Harold, Alicia and Saliman. After sadly losing her youngest daughter in 2014 and becoming a single mum, she had to become a strong women for her living two daughters. She rediscovered an inner strength she always had, which planted the seed that she could also follow in her sister’s footsteps and take on the NYC marathon and the IMP journey. Although Maletta is only new to running, after predominantly being involved in basketball and touch football, she is coming along in leaps and bound not only in the running aspect but she is also part of the Thursday Island Deadly Running group which spreads the message of healthy and active lifestyles, which was established by her old sister and Harold Mathew. Maletta hopes her journey will continue the IMP ripple effect up in the Torres Strait and keep inspiring people to take up different challenge and lead a healthy life.


Tim is a 25 year old Kuku-Yalanji man from Westcourt in Queensland. Tim was inspired to try-out for IMP after attending the Return to Community ceremony of 2015 IMP Graduate, Harriet David. Tim wants to motivate and inspire younger generations and be a role model for his family and community. Tim is a keen sportsman, with experience in football, basketball, swimming and also has two half marathons under his belt. He is currently employed full-time as a Food and Beverage Team Leader at Novotel Cairns


Cara is a 30 year old woman from the Githabal Tribe residing in Queanbeyan NSW. Cara has come through the Queanbeyan Deadly Runners since joining in 2015, after being inspired by 2013 Graduate Georgia Gleeson, who formed the group. She was also supported by fellow 2015 Graduate, Aaron West. She applied because she wanted to improve her overall health which will allow her to continue her healthy lifestyle now being a mum to her first born son. Running has had such a positive effect on her as it has allowed her to trust her body and be disciplined to pursue her goals and dreams and one of those dreams was to be selected in IMP. After seeing high rates of suicide in our communities, particular our young men, she believes that whilst it won’t solve everything, education for our community surrounding the importance of mental health is a step forward in the right direction. Cara hopes her journey will inspire others around her to start making small positive changes in their life, and it can start by putting one foot in front of the other.


Zane is a 25 year old Worimi man from Forster in New South Wales who is now residing in Port Macquarie.   He is a student at the Charles Sturt University studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Eco Tourism).   Zane first came across IMP by the Aboriginal Liaison Officer/friend at his university who knew of IMP Graduates and had followed the progress of the IMF.   He was driven to apply for IMP because he wanted to experience positive changes in his life after realising the effect of the culture of drinking and drugs.   Throughout his journey, Zane wants to be a positive role model both for his younger sibling, family and community and has demonstrated that by firstly applying for IMP and being successful in this year’s squad.   Zane is also a member of the Port Macquarie IMF RAW (Running and Walking) group established by IMP’s first Graduate, Charlie Maher, who is a mentor/friend that will support him along his journey.


Layne is a 29 year old Yuin man from Warilla in New South Wales. The Yuin clan is considered to be the traditional owners of the land and water from Merimbula to the southern head of the sea entrance of the Shoalhaven River on the NSW south coast. Layne is a father of one and works as the Far South Coast Centre Manager for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). Layne is committed to becoming a leader in his community, a role model for his daughter and community, and applying the skills, knowledge and experience he learns through IMF to address Indigenous weight issues and men’s mental health.


April is a 21 year old from the APY Lands (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands) and is currently living in Geelong, Victoria. April grew up in Alice Springs and witnessed the first IMP squad in 2010 and was particularly inspired by squad member and Alice Springs man, Caleb Hart. April is a mother of one and is dedicated to paving the way for future generations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through living active and healthy lifestyles. She is currently studying nursing at University.