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To celebrate NAIDOC Week and our #RunSweatInspire Festival, IMP Graduate #19 Nat Heath wanted to do something special. He decided to run a crazy 100km – 10km for each year of the Indigenous Marathon Project – to raise funds for IMF.

He not only achieved that goal, but he also raised a whopping $30,000 for the Foundation, way above his hopes of $10,000. That money supports our programs, like IMP, which uses running to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, strength and resilience, and create inspirational leaders and role models. Just like Nat.

This is just a snapshot in what was, in reality, a hard, gruelling 11-hour day. But Nat says it best: That is how you celebrate the oldest living culture in the world.

of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians on whose land we live, work, run and play and we respect their Elders, culture, lore and values. We value Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Island culture as a national treasure, and embrace it as a vital and rich part of the
Australian identity.