IMF ASICS Run Sweat Inspire Award

We all know that one person who motivates us with their dedication, motivation and hard work. The one that shows up to training sessions, rain hail or shine. The person who offers advice and encouragement, because they know that ‘the harder the struggle, the greater the reward’. We all know someone who is inspiring others and helping to continue the ripple effect that is bringing positive change to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia.

Applications are now open for the IMF/ASICS Run Sweat Inspire Award!

Do you know anyone in our IMF family that deserves some recognition and appreciation? Together with ASICS, IMF would like to reward inspirational Deadly Runners, IMP graduates and Deadly Run Leaders who inspire you and everyone around them with a BRAND NEW PAIR OF ASICS SHOES!

How to nominate

A good nomination should include a detailed reason why you think the nominees deserves a new pair of ASICS shoes. You nomination is the main reason in which RunSweatInspire award winners are selected.
1. Check how the person meets the criteria
2. Complete the nomination form, making sure you have the nominees postal address, photo and shoe size
3. Submit your nomination before the round closes.


Run: must be actively running, or involved in their local running community (coaching volunteering)
Sweat: work hard, train hard. No excuses, just getting it done.
Inspire: they continually strive to be the best version of themselves – and encourage the people around them to do so as well.

Nominations are being accepted NOW!
Round 1 Nominations begin …August 2019
Round 2 Nominations begin …
Nominations Close …
Round 1 Winners announced …

So what are you waiting for? Click on the “Next ” button to submit your nomination!